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Exit Planning

Knowledge clarifies vision. Vision creates opportunity. Opportunity leads to the future.

You’ve worked hard, followed your dreams, and built your business. Now what? What is your vision of the future? Are you thinking about selling the company and pursuing new business challenges? Are you thinking about the longevity and continuity of the company and contemplating your successor? Or are you thinking about the day you step down and pass the torch to the next generation in your family? Will they be ready?

In each of these transition scenarios, two objectives are paramount – maximize the financial value to the exiting founder or owner and ensure a smooth transition for the company, the new leadership, and it’s remaining employees. At Avenue M Advisors, we can help you meet each of these objectives without sacrificing the other.

For years, we partnered with an experienced team of lawyers, accredited financial advisors, business advisors, marketing experts, and tax specialists to work closely with business owners to help them envision their future, develop a succession plan, and implement proven exit strategies.  As part of our process we will:

  • Determine the company’s present position and value
  • Determine the founder or owner’s future objectives
  • Create a roadmap to improve the business and maximize its value
  • Create a succession plan for the company
  • Create an exit strategy for the founder or owner
  • Help implement the plan
Exit Planning