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No one reaches the top alone.

Starting a company takes hard work, long days, sleepless nights, and difficult challenges.  Expanding a company often means the same though in different ways.


At Avenue M. Advisors, our experienced team can meet your business where it is and help you solve your company’s unique challenges through a wide range of management consulting services that include:

Business Operations and Profitability Improvement

This may include a review of the Company’s business operations and processes to determine where improvements should be made to improve the profitability of the Company.

Business Plans and Pro Forma Projections:

This may include the preparation of business plans, projected financials and/or cash flow projections with defensible and achievable assumptions.

Process and Operational Assessments

Whether a company is experiencing significant growth, a stagnating bottom line or a sharp decline in revenues and profitability, the company’s operations and policies and procedures need to be continually reviewed and revised to stay competitive and remain in legal compliance.

Business Development Services

We have the knowledge and expertise to help focus resources to generate and grow new business revenue.

Feasibility and Sensitivity Analyses

These studies help to assess whether and how to pursue potential growth opportunities.